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minicase 2 - that whoever is managing the company makes a...

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Megan O’Connor Mini-Case Week 2 Comm. 250 7 May 2011 This week we focused on classical management approaches and managing an organization. I chose Fayol’s general management as the best classical approach to managing an organization. I still feel that it is the best form of management because it delegates responsibility and gives members of the company an opportunity to participate. It advocates good discipline, which is always something good to implement in your employees. Good discipline will create a work environment that is productive and keeps employees in line. Hopefully they will get comfortable with the discipline and continue with the productivity. The only thing I thought on the negative side was that the style could be perceived as insensitive. Employees may not respond well to it. I still believe
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Unformatted text preview: that whoever is managing the company makes a big difference on how the style of management is implemented. If the manager or owner is insensitive it can really rub employees the wrong way. On the other hand if the manager or owner is respectful in his management employees will most likely respond back respectfully. I felt that a lot of people in our class chose the same style of management as I did and agreed with most of my comments. Someone said that they agreed with the positivity I felt the company needed. It is important to have that in a work environment because it helps employees feel comfortable and productive. This style of management will work if put in the right hands and it will not only work but increase productivity....
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