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Megan O’Connor 7 May 2011 Nordstrom v. Macy’s 1. Yes, I would use the information on these websites. If the website is easy to use and convenient it will make a difference in the choice I make. 2. I would want to know shipping information and return policy. I would never buy anything online if it was a final sale. 3. On the website is where all the information should be. 4. Sometimes I do but mostly just for browsing. I will look online
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Unformatted text preview: and then go to the store and purchase it. I love Victoria secret online shopping because you can return everything and they send you something to mail it back in so you don’t have to pay anything to mail it back. 5. I have purchased many things I would not normally have and regretted. Now I know that I need to shop in person rather than guess and get it online....
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