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Megan O’Connor 5 May 2011 NEWS DAY: Bin Laden's wives -- and daughter who would 'kill enemies of Islam' Abbottabad—This entire article is about Bin Laden’s wives and children. It explained that was married 5 times and has a reported 20 children. He is known to have 11 sons and they are unsure on the daughters. He had his final daughter (with fifth wife) within a few days of the 9/11 attacks. Two of his wives left him throughout the years. The other three lived in a house together ‘peacefully’. All of his marriages were arranged. In his fifth marriage he was 43 and she was 18. He taught his wives how to use firearms. He wanted to have his children walk in his footsteps, "He was trying to train up his sons to follow in his
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Unformatted text preview: footsteps; he had many of his daughters around him in as well in Afghanistan." His fifth marriage was annulled within 48 hours. “After bin Laden's extended family arrived in Afghanistan in 1996, they would ride in a bus accompanied by a vehicle full of guards, according to bodyguard Abu Janda.” The wives and children would typically take a family bus with Bin Laden following behind in a car. It seems that Bin Laden’s pride was all for his last child Safiyah. "I became a father of a girl after September 11," he said. "I named her after Safiyah who killed a Jewish spy at the time of the Prophet. (My daughter) will kill enemies of Islam like Safiyah."...
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