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Case Study 3 - key or middle-of-the-road—if you were...

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Megan O’Connor 3 May 2011 Case Study Pg. 105 1. What would you have recommended Chairmen Rawl do upon learning of the Prince William Sound oil spill? I would have recommended immediately taking responsibility and addressing the public within 24 hours. This will allow the public to know they are trying to fix what they have done. He should have flown to Alaska and been there to see the damage. 2. How would you have handled the media in this case? I would have addressed every question and had a solid answer. The public just wanted answers and if Exxon would not answer then the media would. 3. What would have been your timing in terms of public relations responses in this case? I think that was one of their biggest problems. They need to act fast and get their side of the story out there. Once others jump ahead of you many will believe the first thing they hear. 4. What would be your overall public relations strategy—aggressive, low
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Unformatted text preview: key, or middle-of-the-road—if you were Exxon’s public relations director? 5. I would have been aggressive because the media was being aggressive and if you let them walk all over you many assumptions will be made. They needed to take control in a public relations stance and they didn’t. 6. Now that Exxon has merged with Mobil, what is the corporation doing about environmental issues? What is Exxon/Mobil doing about environmental issues? Why would the company continue to issue news releases about environmental activities so many years after the Exxon Valdez incident? They are continuing in relief efforts of these issues. They are showing that they truly care about it. They continue to issue news releases because they want their name cleared and to be trusted again. They want to be able to still sail even with that same boat that caused the disaster....
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