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Reflection Paper One - of our discussions I would go into...

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Megan O’Connor Comm. 307 Reflection Paper One 1 May 2011 After participating in a few discussions in this class I’ve realized that I am more tolerant. I’ve started thinking a lot about the opposing side. I can usually take a firm stance in a situation and tend to be stubborn to any opposing view. This class has made me look at the other side and see reason in their opinion. I feel more open-minded and tolerant of others opinions and feelings. I have always understood that many people have different views and opinions I just didn’t care to consider them. The quote “there is opposition in all things” has been on my mind lately because
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Unformatted text preview: of our discussions. I would go into class feeling one way and leaving with a better understanding of the opposing view or even swayed to that opposing view. I also feel that as we debate in class I strengthen my opinion through the persuasion of others. The most valuable thing I have learned so far is that I can be tolerant of others opinions and views and even learn something new. It is very humbling when your opinion is swayed and makes me want to learn more. I hope that in this class I can be tolerant and humble....
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