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Learning Journal 1 - I learned that I have a lot in common...

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Megan O’Connor 30 April 2011 Learning Journal 1 I learned this week that if I can learn through the spirit I could change my attitude on learning. This week I also learned that there are many gifts we can use if we try. They will help us continue on our path of life and learning. Even if we are not in school we should still be learning new things everyday. If our knowledge is the only thing we can take with us why wouldn’t we want to learn. Especially at BYU-I we can have the spirit with us in all of our classes and take advantage of that. It is very helpful and makes the learning environment more positive.
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Unformatted text preview: I learned that I have a lot in common with my classmates and that makes opening up on discussion boards easier. Knowing that some are similar to me (sharing interests etc…) helps me open up more. This will help me be a better student. Applying this class to my life helps because it makes me realize how much I can do on my part to make it a better experience. We can do everything we need to do and you will probably get a better grade as well as really take something out of this class. Knowing the importance of this will help me try my hardest to do my part....
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