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Megan O’Connor April 29, 2011 8:00- Wake up 8:45- Leave for class 9:00-10:00- PR class 10:00-11:10- Study in Library 11:15- Leave for class 11:30-12:30- Media Law and Ethics class 12:35- Leave for home 12:45- Eat lunch 1:00-3:00- Homework (home) 3:00-4:00- Gym 4:30- Shower 5:00-6:00- Get ready/ Eat dinner 6:15- Leave for work (event) 6:30-9:30- Work (Beatles Event) 9:45- Go home 10:00- Get ready for bed 10:30- SLEEP I felt like I stuck to my schedule pretty exact throughout the entire day. I didn’t really have a choice with school and work but inbetween them I did a good job. I feel most
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Unformatted text preview: accomplished because I made it to the gym and I was not feeling the greatest. After the gym I felt great and was glad that I made it. I the only thing I would change would be to add time for my husband because that is very important to me. Setting goals and daily time management are similar because you cannot accomplish your goals if you don’t plan them in your day. They work really well hand in hand....
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