comm 250 - It definitely goes along the idea of not having...

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Megan O’Connor 28 April 2011 Comm. 250 Wal-Mart Case Study 1. What do you think of Wal-Mart’s original standoffish public relations policy? They should have taken care of everything and addressed the issue right away. It is always a big mistake to be standoffish because it makes the company look guilty or at fault. 2. Did it make sense to base a new public relations initiative on a management company audit and recommendations? It was better for them to be up front and take the bull by the horns than trying to sweep the truth under the rug. Like you said in class you can’t pour perfume on a skunk because it will still smell. 4. Does it make sense to invite reporters to meet management at headquarters?
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Unformatted text preview: It definitely goes along the idea of not having any secrets and that they really want to change. The reporters will be the people to get the story out. 5. What public relations options did Wal-Mart have in responding to the negative documentary? They could have gone one of two ways, to either say nothing or take responsibility. I think taking responsibility was the best thing they could have done because it shows their integrity to their customers. 6. What were the pros and cons of hiring high profile political consultants to organize a (war room)? Pros- they will take control and make them look better. Cons- they won’t care about the employees and everything on the inside....
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comm 250 - It definitely goes along the idea of not having...

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