comm 235 - silly We decided to communicate effectively and...

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Megan O’Connor 26 April 2011 Comm. 235 #1 Communication is a willingness to communicate I learned a lot about communication once I got married through trial and error. It is really hard to have good communication when both or one person is not cooperating. Many people communicate differently and this is where many problems arise. Whenever I have a miscommunication or fight with my husband I like to address the situation immediately and fix it. I don’t like to be mad or angry so I like to fix things fast. Whereas my husband likes to wait a little bit and cool down before we address anything. This can last for 10 minutes to a day. During that time I will be in agony just waiting to fix the problem. We have had many fights about how we fix what we fight about, which sounds
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Unformatted text preview: silly. We decided to communicate effectively and figure out what we can do to help us both. A lot of compromise went into this but it is for the best. We decided that I will wait for both of us to cool off but we have to discuss the problem that day so I don’t go insane. This has really worked and fixed a lot of problems in our marriage. We understand now that if something is bothering us we need to communicate that to the other person. This has helped not only with that problem but many others. I also know that it will help in the future. Communication is very important in a marriage and can prevent a lot of confusion and misunderstandings. Understanding this early on in a marriage will help us out a lot and hopefully strengthen our marriage....
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comm 235 - silly We decided to communicate effectively and...

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