wells article - something this small why wouldn’t you lie...

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Steven O’Connor April 22, 2011 Accounting 344 Wells Article The article gave two situations involving acts of dishonesty. In the first one, Jack was caught signing for Wally in class attendance. Instead of owning up to the mistake, more lies were said to provide cover-up. In the second example, Hank jumped the gun by advertising himself as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) before he passed the test. In my opinion, I completely agree with the punishments handed out in both cases. I believe you have to show a dedication and set a standard for yourself if you want to hold a certification for being a fraud examiner. If the staff allowed either of these men to receive the credential later on, they would lose all credibility for what do. There needs to be a standard that won’t change to measure with. If you make one exception, where do you draw the line? I like the quote from the author when he said, “ If you would lie about
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Unformatted text preview: something this small, why wouldn’t you lie when something big is at stake?” In Major League Baseball (MLB), Pete Rose is banned for life from the game because he placed bets on his team while he managed. Fixed games are illegal. His punishment has kept him out of the hall of fame, a recognition he over-qualifies for during his playing days. Instead of admitting his mistakes, he continued to cover them up with lies. If MLB were to allow him back in the game, it would show an allowance in the game to cheat and deceive people. Just as Pete Rose was great at what he did, Jack and Wally were well qualified to be CFE’s. When you lose your credibility as a person, no certification or accomplishment in your life can cover dishonesty. Honesty is always the best policy....
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wells article - something this small why wouldn’t you lie...

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