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Martha Stewart - done and then gracefully served her...

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Megan O’Connor 20 April 20, 2011 Comm. 235 1. How would you characterize Martha Stewart’s initial public relations response to the charges against her? Her initial response was that she had always ‘planned’ to sell her stock when it reached the $60 level. I think that it was a smart way to go but not believable and clearly the courts didn’t think so either. 2. What key public relations principle did Martha Stewart violate? She never admitted that she did anything wrong and still won’t. She also went into ‘silence’ for a while right after. 3. Had you been advising her, what public relations strategy and tactics would you have recommended? How “vocal” should she had been? I first would have had her admit her wrongs and immediately face the public. She would need to address those and apologize for what she had
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Unformatted text preview: done and then gracefully served her sentence. 4. How important, from a public relations perspective, was her decision to go to jail early? I think it was a smart move if she would have admitted she was wrong. I think it made her look extremely guilty and little foolish. She and everyone else knew she was going anyways so it was the best move to make. 5. What public relations strategy should Stewart adopt now? I think that she needs to stay under the radar and continue to do well. Maybe even go above and beyond with charities and other ways to help others. 6. Should she acknowledge that she made mistakes? I think that she should even though it may be hard. She will gain a lot more respect from others and maybe even gain some fans back....
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