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Megan O’Connor 20 April 2011 This week I have been able to get familiar with this class as well as others who are taking it. I have learned about the office hours and contacting the instructor. I have also read through the syllabus and found what is expected of me in this course. I then got to know those who are also taking this class and some I have had other online classes with. I then learned all about scarcity and how it affects our choices. We live in a world of demand and hopefully we don’t let it bother us. Then trade-offs I learned that we sometime have to sacrifice one with for another. Which reminded me of a quote that says
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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes good things fall out of place so better things can fall into place. unknown I am very excited about this class and learning to manage my money because I know that I really need the help and will hopefully learn a lot! I am also excited for our budget plan so I can really see what I am spending money on and then learn how to control it. I learned about the course, my classmates, scarcity, trade-offs, opportunity costs and proper ways of writing....
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