Sarcity - always concerned about it and wish I had more....

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Megan O’Connor 20 April 2011 1. Scarcity is the result of our limited ability to produce goods and services to satisfy our wants. Scarcity exists because we have unlimited wants and only a limited supply of resources to produce goods and services that satisfy our wants or needs. 2. If something that you want is out then you will have to choose something different. We all have had that experience where they were all out of the color shirt we wanted so we had to choose another one. 3. Money is just a piece of paper getting me through this life. I am
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Unformatted text preview: always concerned about it and wish I had more. Although I have come to realize I could have all the money in the world and still not be satisfied. I hope that I will never struggle with and just be comfortable. 4. I honestly wish that we didnt have money. I really feel that money changes people and for the most part not in a good way. I also feel that it is necessary and part of this life. I hope that I will use it correctly my entire life and if I ever have extra I will share with others....
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