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Megan O’Connor 19 April 2011 Learning Journal (Intro) I think that students should ponder their learning experiences because they will gain a better understanding of the concept. It is easy to sit in class and learn something but once you walk out the door a lot of people will forget it. It’s like in one ear out the other. If you will take the time to ponder it and even apply it in your own life the concept will stick. It is much easier to remember things you have applied to your own life. This makes the concept real and relatable. It is easy to remember things that have occurred in
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Unformatted text preview: your life rather than things a teacher has taught. It can take time to ponder and understand the concept any teacher has taught or even something read in a textbook. Some concepts can be harder than others as well so more pondering would need to take place. Knowing that we cannot just learn and remember something by reading it or listening to lecture but pondering that concept. If think about it longer we may learn something new and different. If we continue learning outside the classroom it will only help us become better students....
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