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Megan O’Connor REL: 235 Course Summary Paper 30 March 2011 Dear Sienna, I am writing you this letter because I want you to understand my thoughts and feelings about eternal marriage. This topic is very important to me and I hope you can see how much I care for it. I hope that you will soon understand the importance of it and how it can affect you and your future family. If you have any questions your father and I will always be here for you and support you. One thing that I can encourage you to do is to keep an eternal perspective. If you make all of your choice with the end in mind you will come closer to your Heavenly Father and if you are married will be building your eternal marriage. Life can be tough and your priorities may get mixed up every now and then but if you keep and eternal perspective you will be heading down the right path. “An eternal perspective gives us more than eyesight—it allows us to look within ourselves and understand what is truly important” 1 If you understand this then making decisions will not be so tough because you will truly know what is right. Your Father in Heaven wants to help you throughout this life and can help you in understanding eternal perspective. If you have the end in mind you will think about your future family and how your choices and actions will affect them. “An eternal perspective of gospel conversion and temple covenants can help us see rich blessings in each generation of our forever families.” 2 You have many tools put on this earth that you can use for guidance. You can pray, read your scriptures and listen/follow the brethren. If you want guidance from your Heavenly Father follow what the brethren teach and preach. “I remind you that these men were apostles. They were of apostolic stature. It has always been interesting to me that they did not on that occasion, nudge one another and say, “I’ll bet that it is old Judas. He has surely been acting queer lately.” 3 It reflects something of their stature.” They will always lead us in the right direction because they are ordained of God. “May we follow the counsel and example of the prophet and each day seek out those in need.” 4 If you follow what the prophet asks of us you will essentially be following your Father in Heaven. He knows what is best for us and will guide you in the right direction. He can guide you through scriptures, prayer and through the brethren. You can use this your entire life and throughout your marriage. To build an eternal marriage we need to follow the brethren and take counsel from their words. We need to know that their words and guidance will only help us as well as our eternal companion. 1 Carol B. Olsen, “A Sense of Perspective,” Ensign, June 1982 2 Gerrit W. Gong, “Temple Mirrors of Eternity: A Testimony of Family,” Liahona, November 2010 3 Boyd K. Packer, “Follow the Brethren,” Liahona, September 1979 4 Koichi Aoyagi, “Helping Hands, Saving Hands,” General Conference, April 2010
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Course Summary - Megan OConnor REL: 235 Course Summary...

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