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Steven O’Connor Religion 235 Bro. Satterfield Personal Marriage Project At the beginning of this semester, I decided to work on prayer. I was struggling with giving effective prayers in my opinion. I would always forget to say them personally or with my wife. I would also find excuses to not say them because I was to tired or am driving to work already in the car and I can’t close my eyes. It has slowly gotten to where I’m not saying them regularly. I realized I needed to get better with this because it’s so important. During the semester, I planned out ways to where I would remember. I told my wife about having a set time for prayer no matter where we were or what we are doing. Every night at 10:30 p.m., we would have prayer together before we went to bed or went back to doing homework. In the morning time, I would set an alarm for me to get up when she got up for school. We would then having are morning prayers. It was hard at first to get in the habit of doing it at these times. Sometimes it was a little inconvenient,
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