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Comm 140 Book Pub - the same thing that a library offers so...

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Megan O’Connor 1-13-11 COMM 140 Mass Media Book publishing is on its way to the digital age with items like the kindle and nook. People still buy books but the number is decreasing. Many people are switching over to the more convenient way of the digital age. In the article that I read, Amazon’s kindle is offering a new feature that let’s you loan out your books. Not only will bookstores now suffer but libraries also. It’s
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Unformatted text preview: the same thing that a library offers so it reduces the need for them. There are a few catches with the new feature, which include only loaning the same book once and only able to be loaned for 14 days. Many people think that this may only be a fad and that books will remain the main medium. Time will only tell with things like this so stick with what you like and go with the flow because no one can predict the future....
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