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personality - Natalie Taylor Prepared loving mother Anthony...

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Megan O’Connor 1-13-11 Candice Grover- Super fun upbeat person! Miranda Simonson- Fun person but maybe a worrier which is never bad! Shauna Hutchings- Cute girl that goes with the flow. Kelsey Carter- Someone who looks at the positive of a situation. Rachel Parker- Has a lot on her plate but puts the important things first such as her child and school over reading. Michael Douglas- Intelligent family man. Will Batista- Needs to have something to do to fill up time. Mckenna Duffin- Outgoing, naïve, and optimistic. Katelyn Bair- Someone who likes to be different and not one in the crowd. Brittny Olive- Fun happy person who is open for anything. Krissy Quilter- Faithful member who loves others.
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Unformatted text preview: Natalie Taylor- Prepared loving mother. Anthony Asplund- Tempest Gombossy- Flexible person who loves to have fun and go with the flow but can have a strong opinion sometimes. Dana Galeria- Awesome Laker fan! Haha Fun girl who sticks up for what she believes in. Alesha Beattie- Very nice shy girl. Aros Mackey- Person who takes responsibility for his actions. Natalie Escamilla- Sweet caring girl. Tiffiny Jenkins- Outgoing girl who loves trying new things. Crystal Mabe- Accomplished and helpful! Jonathan Michael Hoy- Insightful nice guy. Maren Ambrose- Hesitant at times but strong underneath it all....
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