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COMM online - function People seem pretty split with the...

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Preparation: Candle in the Window- We all need to be available for communication and to be able to show that we “have our candle in the window”. This talk really speaks to me and I know that I need to be better with other people around me. I need to be open for not just for conversation but communication. I came to BYU-IDAHO to challenge myself- This video was really touching and shows how truly amazing this school is. It shows how much more this place is than a university and how amazing the people here are. NPR podcast- What if all of the social media’s were gone? Will people be able to
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Unformatted text preview: function? People seem pretty split with the decision where some people feel like it will be okay where others are unsure. Most people agree with “no” to stop texting. We all would be just fine if any of these things were never invented the best thing to do is moderation. Things as they really are- This talk was about how important our physical bodies are and how Satan can affect us this way. I was most affected where is said we “neglect eternal relationships for digital distractions.” This seems so true in this day and age and we really need to be careful about it....
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