ex1soln-phy1025-sum11 - Name____ ~--~ ~~r_-------- EXAM...

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Unformatted text preview: Name____ ~--~ ~~r_-------- EXAM 1-Physics 1025 - 14 June 2011 ..J Calculators are NOT permitted. - All items must be removed from desk before beginning. 1. (20 pts.) Harry wants to be a punter on the football team so he uses a very precise stop watch to " calculate his hang time. While practicing in an alleyway however, the ball hits the edge ofthe roof of an adjacent building. Nonetheless, he has the wherewithal to stop the stop watch at the moment that the ball reaches its maximum height. The stopwatch says 3.0 seconds. He then measures the height of the building (where the ball hits) and finds it to be 25.0 meters high. He finds the horizontal displacement (from where he kicks) to the edge of the building to be 10.0 meters (in the x-direction). Assume that the ball is kicked from ground level and that g = 10.0m/s2. (Remember to use negative and positive values to indicate direction.) A. What is the initial vertical velocity (v o, ) of the football when it leaves Harry's fO ~ D 1)o~:: 'U j - 3t =- 0."- ( -I O v~/~ ) (3. 0S) :; ( ~C ~/S B. What is the maximum height (above ground level) that the ball reaches? --V~2 -llo j : () - (30\P'£l. .~ ( - l ~/'$") C. How long is the ball in the air before it lands on the roof? t'd~ - b ~ .- 1)D t.';t (~5 - 4S)W\ - ~,O·52.-.:1 -~ (O.S)(5) _ r;: VV' /1.;-;J- ~-l~-:: .-- ~ ;O~ t-bt t I Tt~:. ('3 D ?- ·0 ~ ,~ ,;J D. What is the initial horizontal velocity (vox) of the ball when it leaves Harry's foot? I 0 'IV'\ E. What is the magnitude (in square root form) ofthe initial velocity vector (Vi) and arctangent (Tan'le = Tane) of the angle (with respect to the ground)?...
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This note was uploaded on 12/04/2011 for the course PHYSICS 1025 taught by Professor Ramos during the Summer '11 term at Miami Dade College, Miami.

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ex1soln-phy1025-sum11 - Name____ ~--~ ~~r_-------- EXAM...

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