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9_29 - cytosine occur at equal rations and adenine and...

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September 29, 2011 Film Notes: Life Story (1987) Watson arrives in England to work with Crick on DNA at Cambridge Simultaneously, Rosalind Franklin has arrived in England from Paris and is working with Maurice Wilkins at King’s College on crystallography images of DNA. Franklin’s images reveal that DNA can assume both an A and B form. o The images from the A form are more clear then the B, therefore Franklin works primarily with the A form. There are a few theories that DNA forms helixes, but there is no support and no model for replication/transcription. Crick and Watson want to build a structural model of DNA. After Watson sees a presentation by Franklin, he attempts to create a prototype. o Franklin visits Watson and Crick and points out structural inconsistencies in the model. Watson and Crick meet with Chargaff who explains his finding that guanine and
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Unformatted text preview: cytosine occur at equal rations and adenine and thymine occur at equal ratios in DNA. • Watson and Crick use Chargaff’s finding to include pairs of the nucleotides in the double-helix model. • The base pairs are held together through hydrogen bonding with one another. o With Franklin’s image of the B form of DNA, Watson and Crick are able to prove the double helix structure and re-create the angles the helix makes in a model. • Watson and Crick also discover that the sugar-phosphate strands that create the backbone of DNA run in opposite directions from one another to make the helix. • The antiparallel model is able to explain DNA transcription. • Watson and Crick receive credit for the discovery that used the data in Franklin’s research at King’s College. Their aim was to build the model before Linus Pauling in the United States....
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