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The Deck of Cards Problem Due Tuesday 13 September Model human mitosis and meiosis (parts 1 and 2) using two decks of playing cards. You need only consider chromosomes and chromatids, not centrioles, spindles, or other cytoskeletal elements. I do want to see the gametic outcome of the process—you may choose to do a male or a female. Write out, draw, photograph, ??? (whatever is easiest) your solution. One solution will be chosen to present to the class. Using the symbols on the cards (numbers and suits) to represent the different chromosomes. You only have to show the motion of the chromosomes and chromatids with two pairs of chromosomes in your representation of your model, and just tell me
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Unformatted text preview: that the other ones are doing the same thing where relevant. If you are unfamiliar with English style playing cards, you can learn more here: There are multiple right answers, which may or may not use all the cards. If you don't know where to start, sit down with your two decks of cards and start messing around with them. You don't need to rip cards in half. You may work together, and may submit joint solutions. Each solution should have all the names of the people who contributed. This assignment is worth 5 points, 5 for a correct solution or 3 for a serious effort but incorrect....
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