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Calculating Allele Frequencies for X-Linked Traits q pop = average of q male and q female Remember, there are twice as many q alleles in females as in males, because males are hemizygous, so… q pop = [ q male + 2( q female )] / 3 or q pop = 1/3( q male ) + 2/3( q female ) or q pop = 0.33( q male ) + 0.67( q female ) Of course, to solve for q pop , we need to solve for q male and q female . Now recall that we know q male just by looking at the males: it’s the number
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Unformatted text preview: of recessive males divided by the number of total males. To estimate q female , we need to do the usual calculation for allele frequency, but consider only the females: q female = [2(female q homozygotes) + (female q heterozygotes)] / 2(total number females) You can now plug in q female and q male into the formula and solve for q pop ....
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