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Practice Problems in Mapping 1. Two-point testcrosses revealed the following map results: pm___________________ss 9 map units pm___________________bb 14 map units a) What are the two possible maps for these loci? b) What cross would resolve the two possible maps? 2. A cross in corn is carried out with three linked genes in a triply heterozygous genotype for the allle pairs ( A, a ), ( D, d ), and ( R, r ). The dominant A allele results in red leaves; aa plants have green leaves. The dominant D allele results in tall plants; dd plants are short. The dominant R allele results ion ragged leaf margins; rr plants have smooth leaf margins. The triple heterozygous is crossed to a plant
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Unformatted text preview: homozygous recessive for all three alleles, the following phenotypes of progeny are observed. Red, tall, ragged 265 Red, tall, smooth 24 Red, short, ragged 120 Red short, smooth 90 Green, tall, ragged 70 Green, tall, smooth 140 Green, short, ragged 16 Green, short, smooth 275 a) What is the gene order? b) What is the complete diploid genotype of the triple heterozygous parent with the genes written in the correct order? c) What are the map distances between adjacent genes? d) Calculate I for interference. Optional problems: Chapter 5: 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 24, 34...
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