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Unformatted text preview: Practice Problems in Mapping 1. Two-point testcrosses revealed the following map results: pm___________________ss 9 map units pm___________________bb 14 map units a) What are the two possible maps for these loci? pm ss bb ss pm bb 9 5 9 14 b) What cross would resolve the two possible maps? A three point cross!!! Do a testcross with a triple heterozygote. 2. A cross in corn is carried out with three linked genes in a triply heterozygous genotype for the allle pairs ( A, a ), ( D, d ), and ( R, r ). The dominant A allele results in red leaves; aa plants have green leaves. The dominant D allele results in tall plants; dd plants are short. The dominant R allele results ion ragged leaf margins; rr plants have smooth leaf margins. The triple heterozygous is crossed to a plant homozygous recessive for all three alleles, the following phenotypes of progeny are observed. Red, tall, ragged 265 parental Red, tall, smooth 24 double Red, short, ragged 120 single type 1 Red short, smooth 90 single type 2...
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mapping_practice_problems_part1_solns - Practice Problems...

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