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1. Retinitis pigmentosum, a rare trait loss of night vision. In the cross of an affected female x wild type male (generation I), progeny are 2 wild type females and 2 affected males (generation II). One son and one daughter each marry a wild type; daughter has one son who’s affected and 3 wild type daughters; son has all wild type sons and daughters (these kids are all generation III). a) how is it inherited??
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Unformatted text preview: b) what is the prob of III4 (wild type female child of daughter in II)-III5 (wild type male child of son in II) have affected son? c) what is the prob that they have an affected child? 2. A wild type hen is crossed to a Barred rooster, producing F1 who are 100% Barred. In the F2, we see 35 wild type hens, 39 Barred hens, 78 Barred roosters, 0 wild type roosters. What is the mode of inheritance? Show your work....
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