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PS7: due 20 October Pick an organism. Pick a gene. Go to GenBank ( ) and get the coding sequence (CDS) . You may NOT work together on this project. Organisms could be humans, flies, HIV, influenza, mosquitoes, arabidopsis, nematodes, elephants, etc. You can even do the same gene you did for the bioinformatics assignment if you like. Genes could be genetic disease loci (cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Huntington’s, etc.), or a random gene from the genome. If you still have no idea how to pick a gene, you can look up a human disease using OMIM and choose a gene that way ( ), but again be sure you get the coding sequence. Once you’ve picked your gene, print out the page(s) from GenBank which give(s) the sequence. You must turn in this printout to receive full credit. Write out the first 51 bases, indicating polarity (5' and 3' ends).
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Unformatted text preview: Remember to start at the coding sequence (where it says CDS)—you should have an AUG/ATG start codon here. • Write the complement, indicating polarity. • Given the base composition in this region, would you expect this region of DNA to melt faster than, slower than, or the same as a stretch of DNA with 50%AT-50%GC content? Now, write out the mRNA corresponding to the first 51 bases, showing polarity. • Translate the mRNA into amino acids (you can use one letter or three letter codes, whichever you prefer). • Write the complement of the mRNA, again indicating polarity, and translate that into amino acids EVEN IF THERE IS NO START CODON in the complement. • Tell me for BOTH proteins you translated if they are more likely to be hydrophilic (because it is mostly polar), or more likely to be hydrophobic (because it is mostly non-polar). • Indicate the carboxy and amino termini for EACH protein....
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