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PS08_solutions - tet-r during conjugation 3 lacI lacO c 4...

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Problem Set 8 Solutions 1. a. BA b. At least 180 bases: 30 AAs from each gene x 3 bases = 180 bases, but don't know if genes are right next to each other, so deletion could be longer than 180 bases. 2. Since genes are transferred in alphabetical order, str-r will be transferred before tet-r , therefore, fewer bacteria will receive
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Unformatted text preview: tet-r during conjugation. 3. lacI-, lacO c 4. Many options, but one possibility is to use plasmids with the lacI + , lacO genes. If the mutation is lacI-, inducible activity is recovered, since lacI is trans-acting. If the mutation is lacO, activity remains constitutive, since lacO c is cis-acting....
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