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homework 4 - a Direct instruction most teachers teach...

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Katherine Batti EDUC 430 Homework 4 1. Describe the difference between phonics and phonemic awareness. Explain how each is a. Phonemic awareness: a precursor to phonics and reading; merely the understand- ing that words are made up of individual sounds; (from book) the ability to notice and manipulate the sounds of oral language; no visual letters are introduced i. lessons about rhyming, sounds, syllables all develop phonemic awareness b. Phonics: the understanding that actual letters make distinct sounds; (from book) the ability to convert letters into sounds and blend them to recognize words; de- velops into fluent reading i. lessons using the alphabet, sounding out words, and reading all develop phonics 2. Describe three effective practices for phonics instruction. (Competency 6)
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Unformatted text preview: a. Direct instruction: most teachers teach phonics with a systematic approach that begins with easier, common sounds, and then progresses into uncommon and tricky sounds; charts and posters can help students understand vowel blends and letter patterns b. Writing: it is important for students to use what they are learning in an everyday setting; students may write their names, titles of books, etc. c. Interactive Writing: students write as much as they can and sound out words as well as they can; teachers correct errors and look for patterns among the errors; teachers can take advantage of these errors and review sounds and spelling pat-terns, as well as grammar rules....
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homework 4 - a Direct instruction most teachers teach...

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