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homework 5 - peer ii reading practice students need to read...

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Katherine Batti EDUC 430 Homework 5 1. Fluency and Comprehension a. fluency : the ability to read effectively; involves three components i. reading speed: >100 words per minute ii. word recognition: knowledge of the 100 high frequency words; students are able to instantly and automatically recognize most of the words they are read- ing iii. prosody: the ability to orally read sentences expressively, with appropriate phrasing and intonation. b. comprehension : students who are fluent readers have a better ability to compre- hend what they read; reading is easier when the student can automatically identify words in the passage; as more energy is spent decoding the word, energy is be- ing taken away from the content of the text c. 3 ways to develop fluency: i. develop prosody: teach students techniques to chunk and break up sen- tences; at first, choral reading models inflections and pauses for the students; later, students can chunk their own sentences and practice reciting them to a
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Unformatted text preview: peer ii. reading practice: students need to read whenever possible; it is crucial that the book they read is at the correct level of difficulty for the student to maximize comprehension; opportunities to read include read-arounds and readers theatre iii.develop reading stamina: once students can read on their own, it is important to reinforce their learning and give them many opportunities to read for exten-ded periods of time; SSR can be used at all grade levels 2. Repeated readings is one of the best ways to increase a student’s reading speed. As they read the passage over and over, they become more familiar with it and are able to master it. As students reread, they also are able to chunk words into meaningful phrases. Furthermore, rereading has been shown to deepen a student’s comprehen-sion...
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