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homework 8 - Katherine Batti EDUC 430 Homework 8 Chap....

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Katherine Batti EDUC 430 Homework 8 Chap. 10-Teaching with Basal Reading Textbooks (We will address these questions in class-it is not necessary to type answers) 1. Describe the steps involved in a guided reading lesson. Specifically discuss the role of the teacher at each step, and describe what students are learning as they work through each step. (Competency 1) Prereading: teachers follow provided directions in the teachers guide to promote building stu- dents background knowledge, introduce new vocabulary, teach a strategy, and preview the text for reading; students are learning different reading strategies, text knowledge, and predicting. Reading: students read the selection independently; if too difficult, teachers can read the selec- tion aloud; students are focusing on comprehension; students can reread the selection or parti- cipate in a small writing assignment as other students finish their reading. Responding: teachers follow provided directions to facilitate comprehension; teachers ask questions about purpose, model think-alouds, encourage students to make inferences, and sum- marize the selection; students are making text to self, text to text, and text to world connec- tions. Exploring: teachers reinforce comprehension strategies, teach phonics, word analysis, spelling, and grammar skills; teachers may also teach genres, text structures, authors, and illustrations; students practice skills through their workbooks, and learn vocabulary or high frequency words.
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Applying: students read related selections in the basal reader or other books; students particip- ate in writing activities related to the selection or genre of the selection; students can engage in sustained silent reading as well. 2. You are planning to implement literacy centers in your classroom. Identify and explain the purpose of four different literacy centers you will use. Describe the materials you will include in each, and write directions for the students who will be working in each. (Com- petency 1) I will have four literacy centers for four different reading groups to rotate through after they
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homework 8 - Katherine Batti EDUC 430 Homework 8 Chap....

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