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Kerynne Tejada Eng 134-24 24 September 2010 Assignment #5 1. White’s thesis is explicitly state the thesis in this piece of writing. White does express this in his paper through the idea that time is “that everything was as it always had been”, exemplifying this through the thought that he is his father and his son is he. He clearly states in the end of the sixth paragraph that “There had been no years.” What his son experiences on their camping trip, the father also feels. 5. Incessant means to continue without a pause or interruption. Placidity is the sense of calmness and peacefulness. Primeval is used to describe something that resembles to the earliest ages in the history of the world. Transposition is the action of transposing something. Undulating is used to describe when something moves with a wavelike motion. Indelible describes something that makes marks that cannot be removed.
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Unformatted text preview: Petulant, usually describing a person is a childishly sulky or bad-tempered manner. Languidly describes a person who is slow and relaxed. 1. I believe that the more objective sensory details were the description of the lake present-day. This is because he was experiencing both internal and physical feelings through his son. On the other hand, the sensory details of the lake in Whites boyhood were sharper and more powerful because those were memories that he had experienced himself. 4. The chill of death is brought on by the son pulling up his still soaked swim trunks. Because White said that he was feeling what his son was feeling, White could also feel the coldness that the trunks had brought upon the sons body part. This idea was hinted earlier when White was discussing the works of the rented outboard. At the end of the paragraph, he states at how what his son does took a cool nerve....
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