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Kerynne Tejada Eng 134-24 7 November 2010 Assignment 10 “To Save Money, Save the Health Care” by Peter Orszag 3. Orszag’s thesis is that Republicans should try to find cost-containing ways instead of repealing the whole act. His main points surround ways in which health care can be contained in four ways. Seen in Orszag’s seventh paragraph, he states this can be done by “reducing payments to providers and suppliers; by rationing services, by having consumers pay a greater share; and by giving providers incentives to be more efficient.” 4. Orszag has definitely proved his points. Even though I do not agree with his arguments, he
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Unformatted text preview: does try to appeal to both Democrats and Republicans. As a reader, you can see the arguments, the pros and cons, and what he personally agrees with. 5. In order to become more balanced within the government, I feel like I was convinced with Orszags reasoning of health care containment costs. With his hint of Republicanism, he did try to also plea to how and what Democrats felt/feel about this whole debacle. It seems that Orszags main concern is to pull society together to agree on the health act instead of trying to continue to debate against each other....
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