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English 134-24 4 December 2010 Essay #4 Final Draft For Money or Health For the past few years , a major debacle in the American society has been the issue of universal health care . Known as the Affordable Care Act , this bill will provide free medical attention to citizens of the United States . Even though the health care reform act has been passed and some parts have been put into effect , many politicians, specifically Republicans , have been trying to counter the decision . In Peter Orszag’s “To Save Money , Save the Health Care,” written November 3, 2010, in the New York Times , he argues how Republicans should instead support this act with ways of their standardized responses to controversial topics . In this article , Orszag makes a claim of policy . Using an appeal to logos and pathos , he proclaims that Republicans should try to find cost-containing ways instead of repealing the Affordable Care Act . He proves his point with four ways this particular act can be financially contained: “reducing payments to providers and suppliers; by rationing services , by having consumers pay a greater share; and by giving providers incentives to be more efficient” (¶ 5) . The warrants that are included in this editorial are the racial and economical aspects in terms of American classes . Orszag assumes that the majority of his audience is in favor of having the Affordable Care Act in full action . He does not realize that due to everyone’s diverse background and current living
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essay4 - Kerynne Tejada English 134-24 4 December 2010...

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