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Kerynne Tejada Eng 134-24 4 November 2010 Malcolm X assignment Comparison of Video and Essay In one of our earlier assignments, we were required to read about Malcolm X and his first conk experience. We had to analyze and explain what he wrote and why he did it that way. Recently, we watched a video of the same experience, despite the many differences it portrayed. Malcolm X’s thesis, located at the end of his essay, was that African Americans used self- degrading physical processes in order to look “white”, going against their black identity. This essay takes place in his own bathroom, where he describes his friend mixing the ingredients for a conk. Then, after the burning feeling from the conk, Malcolm X expresses how he admires those who do stay true to their identity and not use those fake ways of living.
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Unformatted text preview: He seems to be addressing mainly other African Americans, with a preaching type of tone. On the other hand, in the movie, Malcolm X’s these is located in the beginning. His actually thesis is that the white man is a horrible monster that has created all sorts of havoc on Earth. He tells how they have made “hypocrisy, than democracy.” The movie takes place within a barbershop, which gives the audience a sense of community within the African-American population. The process part for a conk plays a very small role, instead focusing on the community aspect of everything. Instead, for the movie, the audience is more broad, aiming at everyone. The tone is also different because it is angrier....
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