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Unformatted text preview: Hist 207 Final Study Guide POSSIBLE I.D.S 1. Social Security Act : • 1935 • Contributory old-age pension (“Social Security”) • Aid to elderly poor-Supplemental Security Income (SSI) • National unemployment insurance • Aid to Dependent Mother’s & Children (ADC) 2. “Woodstock Nation”: August 15-18, 1969 • 500, 000 people attend concert festival. Blend of revolution and hippy capitalism • Largest single gathering of youth culture • Talk of the “Woodstock nation” and “youth vote” as a new political power • Largest single congregation of 60’s youth SIGNIFICANCE = powers in numbers Woodstock and Politics • “Woodstock is how it is going to be in the future. We have the numbers. The loving and the peaceful are the majority. We are winning. And soon.” – Timothy Leary • 26 th Amendment (1971) extends right to vote to 18-year-olds • President Nixon and FBI terrified of “youth vote” and influence of rock musicians in 1972 election 3. Postwar Economic Boom: • 1946-1973 • Largest, most sustained, and most widely distributed period of economic growth in US history- Rising wages and standard of living- Plentiful jobs and material goods • Closely associates prosperity, affluence, and consumerism with ideas of American freedom and democracy 4. Mutually Assured Destruction : • Development of Hydrogen Bomb (1952) • Dulles in 1954 announces new policy: The US will respond to any & all international threats with nuclear rather than conventional war • Scare tactic • Have to have bigger weapon • Both sides spend so much time convince other, that they will do something that they don’t want to do • Emergence of missile/space race and spike in federal funding for universities • MAD helps “thaw” US-Soviet relations 5. Arvin & Marysville Camps : two camps the federal government had set up for moving workers • Set up on leased ground • Places for tens • Water, toilet paper, and some medical supplies provided • Conditions:- Men are bona fide farm people and intend to work- Will help to maintain cleanliness of camp- In lieu of rent they will devote two hours a week towards maintenance and improvement of camp 6. “Battle of the Sexes ”: last reading that we did 7. Franklin D. Roosevelt : Reemergence • Not a new face in American politics. But promises to offer new, energetic leadership • Not a likely reformer of American capitalism • FDR understands the national mood of despair and desire for federal action • Cousins with Teddy R. • Was a governor of New York • Wasn’t expected to be the reformer was from high level of society in New York • Reinvents self sense what American mood is Physical Health • Offers image of confidence, optimism, decisive action, and robust physical strength • Does this successfully because he’s disabled (paralyzed from waist down) • WHY HIDE? weakness of power/government; prejudiced = don’t want to assume someone who is politically disabled; want someone STRONG to lead...
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finalstudyguide - Hist 207 Final Study Guide POSSIBLE I.D.S...

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