lecture22 - 01:07 Todays Points 1 The collective...

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01:07 Today’s Points 1. The collective mobilization and patriotic language of WWII leads to reemergence of civil rights as an issue in American politics. 2. A new culture of ethnic pluralism, federal leadership, and action by ordinary Americans shapes a focus on civil rights and equality during the war. 3. Continued interest of the American people made possible a brief period of progress on civil rights issues during the lat 1940s. Lecture 22 Civil Rights and American History 1. Reconstruction Civil Rights Act of 1866 Civil Rights Act of 1875 2. 19 th Amendment (1920) The “Rights Revolution” Post-WWII American society characterized by assertion and expansion of basic rights of citizenship Broad transformation in Americans’ relationship to government and to one another Transforms freedom into an open-ended claim of individual autonomy Still happening right now Pt. I—WWII and the Frontiers of “American” A. A Struggle against Un-American Enemies B. The Emergence of American Pluralism The War Against Racial Ideology
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lecture22 - 01:07 Todays Points 1 The collective...

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