assignment3 - Kerynne Tejada Coms 101 Assignment #3 24...

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Kerynne Tejada Coms 101 Assignment #3 24 April 2011
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Communication is a key component that in our lives. Beginning with our family, we continue to grow and learn from our environments how to better our communication skills. After college, many of us will use these techniques to attain internships and or jobs. Yet, many of us do not know how to utilize our skills in the correct or proper way. To understand how communicating worked in the real world, we interviewed someone in our field of major. The purpose of this interview was to gain knowledge of how communication played a role in the professional world. This assignment gave us the opportunity to achieve an inside look of how exchanging ideas verbally and nonverbally partook for jobs. We were to explore how the interviewee saw communication in their daily business life. My chosen subject matter was someone who has a job relating to Graphic Communication. Jen Young’s job is designing personalized stationary for a company called Tiny Prints, which makes use of the skills that I have and will learn in my major classes. Before the interview, I made questions that asked about the role and importance about communication in the professional life. I proposed questions that pertained to communication before and after an interview and also how it played on the job. I hypothesized that I would find that the interviewee would apply the skills she has learned from school and other previous experiences to help her in her interview for the job and
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assignment3 - Kerynne Tejada Coms 101 Assignment #3 24...

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