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1. My current material self could be described along the lines of middle-class standards. When it comes to possessions, I have the basics. Some things may be more extravagant than others, but I still have the necessities and a little more to get by in life. I would describe my physical body materials in the same way. My social self is not what I would like it to be, but I am fine with how it is now. My spiritual self right now can be summed up as somewhat contempt with everything. Ideally, I would like to improve more on my social and spiritual self. This is because I feel like these are more of a needed improvement than material things. For my social self, I would want to improve more on my relations with my family. For my spiritual self, I would want to have more confidence in each aspect. It would be nice to have more on the materials, but I do not think that I would want it to be that excessive. I was not really surprised with my answers, mainly because I have already contemplated on things like this. 2. I listed everything that I wanted ideally because it is what I am striving to have right now. I am working on each self bit-by-bit, trying to reach that goal of “idealism” by the five-year time limit that I listed. Those around me, mainly my family and education, shaped my ideas but I determined what were really important and which priorities to get first. I think it is not that important to impress others with your materials. Even though that is what people mainly do, I find it too showy and a low way of trying to boost self-esteem. It is important to show your social self a lot with others, mainly because life should not be spent alone. Bragging about whom you know though is not something that should be done. It is not that important either to impress
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matrix_part_ii - 1. My current material self could be...

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