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Unformatted text preview: For my Meet-Your-Peers interview, my partner was Quinton Lewis Petty, also known as Quinton. He was born, evidently, a male on March 16 th , 1992 in San Diego, California to Sandra and Stephen Petty. Despite this, Quinton maintains dual-citizenship with Australia because his father is Australian. He is the eldest of two, having one younger sister. Her name is Alison. She is currently twelve-years-old, making her six years younger than Quinton. She will be turning thirteen on July 19 th . Prior to Cal Poly, Quinton attended Scripps Ranch High School. During his four years there, he played various sports including football, roller hockey, track, and cross- country. Quinton also likes to watch movies, play sports, read, surf, snowboard, and skiing. Right now, Quinton is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He came to Cal Poly for three reasons. The first is that he liked that it was close to the beach. His second reason is that it is a small town, mainly for the college life. Quintons final was close to the beach....
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