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408 Lab 1 - EXSC 408L Introduction to Biomechanics Lab 1 -...

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EXSC 408L Fall ‘11 Introduction to Biomechanics Lab 1 - Computer Skills Page 1 of 3 Lab #1 - Computer Skills Assessment Worksheet Purpose : Using Excel is an integral part of Exsc 408 Lab. If used properly, Excel will minimize the time you spend generating data, performing calculations, and working on your project. Thus, it is to your benefit to master as many Excel skills and shortcuts as possible. The purpose of this assignment is to help you develop a subset of Excel skills that will help you to be successful this semester. Note: Most operations in Excel can be performed in a number ways. The following procedures outline a few methods. If you prefer a different way of performing the same task, that is fine, as long as the results are the same. Procedure : 1. Open Microsoft Excel. 2. In cell A1 (column A, row 1), type “time”. 3. In cell B1 (column B, row 1), type “data one”. 4. In cell C1 (column C, row 1), type “data two”. 5. In cell D1 (column D, row 1), type “data three”. 6. Enter the following numbers in the given cells: A2=1, A3=2, A4=3, A5=4, A6=5, A7=6 Because these numbers are in sequence, a quick way to do this is to the following: a. Enter 1 into cell A2 and hit Enter. b. Highlight cells A2-A7 (A6-A7 are still empty) c. Under the ‘Edit’ menu select ‘Fill’ -> ‘Series’ d. Make sure the ‘Step Value’ is 1 and the ‘Type’ is ‘Linear’ e. Click ‘OK’ B2=1, B3=4, B4=3, B5=2, B6=2, B7=3 C2=4, C3=3, C4=2, C5=3, C6=3, C7=4 D2=0, D3=1, D4=2, D5=1, D6=4, D7=3 You now have six rows and three columns of data points. 7. Calculate the sum and average of each data column. a. In cell A8, type "Sum". In cell A9 type "Avg". b. In cell B8, type "=sum(B2:B7)". c. In cell B9, type "=average(B2:B7)". d. Copy and paste formulas from column B to column C. i. One quick way to do this is to highlight cells B8 and B9. Type 'CTRL' -C (Control key + C at the same time) to copy the formulas. Highlight cell C8 only. Typing 'CTRL' -V will then paste the formulas into both C8 and C9. Excel will automatically change the column from B to C in the formula and perform the calculations for data two. Highlight cell D8 and type ‘CTRL’-V to paste the formulas into D8 and D9. ii. Another way to do this is to highlight B8, B9, C8, C9, D8, and D9 and type 'CTRL' -R. This command copies a formula into all of the highlighted cells to the right of it. 8.
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408 Lab 1 - EXSC 408L Introduction to Biomechanics Lab 1 -...

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