Syllabus PPD 330 - Fall 2011 Updated 8.25.2011 (1)

Syllabus PPD 330 - Fall 2011 Updated 8.25.2011 (1) - PPD...

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PPD 330 - Fall 2011 Syllabus (version 8.25.2011) Introduction to Health Care Systems: PPD 330- Fall 2011 School of Policy, Planning and Development University of Southern California RGL 105, Fridays, 9am to 12:20pm (Subject to revision) Instructor: Professor Glenn Melnick, Ph.D. E-mail: [email protected] – (Make sure you put the following in the Subject line when you email: Re: From PPD 330 Student ) Office Phone: (213) 740-_______ (USC); (310) 393-0411 ext. 6371 (RAND) Cell: 310-499-3125 Office Hours: Fridays, 12:20-1:30 and by appointment, anytime. Course Objectives By the end of the course, students should have achieved knowledge of the following: - The structure, evolution, components and functioning of the US health care system - Some key factors driving the health care system - Current policy issues and health care reform - Health care literature and data This course will incorporate and encourage discussion current relevant market trends and developments and emerging health policy issues. Special attention will be paid to California since it considered to be on the cutting edge of changes in a market based, health care system. Course Schedule and Format The class is organized into weekly class sessions according to the dates listed in the syllabus as well as Blackboard based learning modules. Classroom sessions run from 9:00 AM to 12:20 PM. Class begins promptly at 9 AM. (Please note: If you need to arrive early to make sure that you arrive on time, the classroom will be open early ). Classes will consist of a combination of lectures, large group discussions and small group discussions/exercises. There may be occasional guest speakers. 1
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PPD 330 - Fall 2011 Syllabus (version 8.25.2011) Course Requirements and Grading The course requirements are as follows: 1. In-class participation and Blackboard discussion participation (20%) 2. Quizzes: In-Class and Blackboard Quizzes (50%) 3. In-class health care paper summary presentations (20%). 4. Written Health Care Market Report (10%) Class Participation, Assigned Readings and BB Participation: Students are expected to participate in class by asking questions, answering questions and by participating in classroom discussions. The assigned readings include the course textbook and additional readings from the literature. Required reading should be done in advance of the class session for which it is assigned. You are expected be prepared starting the first day of class and to participate in all aspects of class discussions. Students are expected to contribute to and participate in BB based discussions. In-Class and Blackboard Quizzes: There will be a combination of in-class and Blackboard based quizzes during the semester. The questions will be a combination of multiple choice and short essays and will be based on both the readings and lectures. For grading purposes, the lowest score will discarded (a missed quiz will be given a grade of zero; no make-ups will be allowed). Written Health Care Market Reports:
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Syllabus PPD 330 - Fall 2011 Updated 8.25.2011 (1) - PPD...

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