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Introduction to Health Care Systems Notes - PPD 330...

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PPD 330: Introduction to Health Care Systems 16:51 The US Health System is Large Kaiser Permanente – closed system of care Buy Kaiser insurance see only Kaiser doctors or hospitals Health Care: Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Sectoral Requires people of many different types of training Though the output is providing care to patients, there are many different pieces that go into it. Nowadays, patients generally have multiple things wrong with them, making health care more difficult. Solution: care teams Need to increase compliance Major role of non-profit organizations How Big Is Health Care Spending? $2.5 trillion Health Care Spending and Financing $8,327 per person/year 17.6% of total GDP Health insurance - $15,000/year for family of four US health care spending Is the 7 th largest economic output in the world in 2007 Briefing a Slide: The Steady March of Health Care Job Growth (1) Define variable (2) What does it tell us? Shows changes in employment between healthcare and nonhealthcare measured in millions of jobs. Beginning in Dec. 2007 up through 2011, there is a very distinct different between the trends of the two labor markets. Healthcare jobs (red bar) has continued to increases while other jobs dropped precipitously and only recently began to climb back up. Almost 8 million jobs lost in the non-healthcare sector and about 1 million jobs created in the healthcare sector. Healthcare is still incredibly robust.
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California Healthline Every week, find a topic of interest and create a discussion. Medicare/Medicaid Medicare – for people 65 years and older + disabled Medicaid – financed by federal and state funds NHE (National Health Expenditure) Growth is relatively stable Total spending on all healthcare related activities in the United States The growth rate of the GDP is projected to decrease
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Introduction to Health Care Systems Notes - PPD 330...

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