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Forum Topics - FIN 620 DQs Week 1 Topic 1 Time Value of...

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FIN 620 DQs Week 1 Topic 1: Time Value of Money The time value of money theory is, arguably, one of the preeminent economic concepts. The time value of money model uses the twin components of compounding and discounting to determine present and future values. What do these values represent, why are they important, and what are the implications for MBA practitioners? What are the life and personal economic implications/applications of time value of money principles? Reflect on these questions, and provide your thoughts .... Topic 2: Cost of Money Economic conditions and policies that affect the cost of money include the Federal Reserve policy, the federal budget deficit or surplus, the level of business activity, and international factors such as federal trade balance, the international climate and exchange rates. Select one or more of these conditions and explain how in the current climate this condition or policy affects the cost of money. What are some specific examples? Topic 3: Primary Objective of the Corporation The primary objective of the corporation is value maximization. Given the recent collapse and bailouts of several institutions one could argue management seeks personal gains in lieu of increasing value to the shareholders. The President has even issued several statements concerning his thoughts on corporate greed. What are your thoughts regarding corporate compensation and the potential need for new regulations given the current state of the economy, corporate bankruptcies and bailout of institutions? Week 2 Topic 1 - Financial Statements: Do the following: 1. Select a company 2. Obtain their most current annual report from their website or another source. 3. Review the balance sheet, the income statement, the statement of retained earnings, and the statement of cash
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