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Attaboy Book Company has a problem with new book projects. Even when it is apparent to others that a book is far behind schedule and may not have much public interest, sponsoring editors are reluctant to terminate contracts with authors whom they have signed. The result is that editors invest more time with these projects rather than on more fruitful projects. As a form of escalation of commitment, describe three methods that Attaboy Book Company can use to minimize this problem Factors that can inhibit a team’s success or factors that decrease the efficacy of a team are the same. Three main factors are lack of team cohesiveness, improper organization and inability to recognize strengths and weaknesses of team members. Team cohesiveness is the most important characteristic that a team needs to posses. Lack of cohesiveness will never lead to productivity. It is critical for a team to start with and maintains cohesiveness. The next factor that will decrease the productivity and efficacy of a team is their organizational skills. Organization can make every step easier and smoother. Lack of appropriate organizational skills will lead to a ‘bumpy’ road. This increases the difficulty of any project and doesn’t promote any cohesiveness either. One of the most important parts of any team is the ability to utilize the strengths and weaknesses of a team. An ideal team
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Final-mgmt645-4q's - Attaboy Book Company has a problem...

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