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Organizational - First a few definitions Organizations Groups of people who work interdependently towards the same purpose Organizational

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First a few definitions: Organizations: Groups of people who work interdependently towards the same purpose. Organizational Behavior(OB): The study of what people THINK, FEEL, and DO in and around organizations. I’d like to add a little bit to the definition of OB and that is also how people ACT in organizations. I believe that understanding what an organization is, is the first step to answering this question. Granted, all business minded/business major students will be surrounded by various organizations but so will many if not ALL others that have a job. Organizational behavior is the study of what people think feel and do in and around organizations. These concepts help us understand and possibly predict some organizational trends and influence some organizational events. Understanding of organizational behaviors will help companies overcome some issues that may normally be difficult. Initially I was thinking that “my friends(from the vignette) ” thoughts were right that
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