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Simmons Laboratories-Week4Case - Simmons Laboratories Case...

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Simmons Laboratories – Case Analysis 4 – Madhan Krishnaraj “Simmons Laboratories” Case Analysis 4 MGMT 645 Madhan Krishnaraj
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Simmons Laboratories – Case Analysis 4 – Madhan Krishnaraj Situation: Brandon Newbridge was a valued employee at Simmons Laboratories. He was hired a couple years ago to work on a project that involved the new photon unit as the Project Head. He was just sitting back and with a look of satisfaction, because the results of the first test run were positive when an unknown visitor approached his desk. The unknown visitor, Lester Zapf, is a new hire at Simmons laboratories that was asked to work in Brandon’s department because he had some skills that would prove to be beneficial for Newbridge’s team. The initial meeting of Zapf and Newbridge would have been pleasant but Zapf felt like he could dive in and take control. The day he walked into Newbridge’s office he took a hold on that day’s test results and started analyzing them. This seemed to be the theme for the next 6 months even during the morning meetings in which Newbridge used as a medium to inform all employees of the progress and projection of their photon unit. Zapf had taken control of the project, implemented new ideas and concepts and was moving in a positive direction but had made it difficult for Newbridge to take lead. At a board meeting in which Newbridge normally gave the presentation he requested that Zapf do the presentation to the sponsors and various other heads of departments, because of the many changes that occurred in the lab that Newbridge felt that he didn’t know enough about to answer questions, if presented with any. After the presentation many of the board members along with Newbridge and his boss Goh all gathered around Zapf to discuss the future of the project and for questioning. This made Newbridge a bit jealous since his progress in the company was side
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Simmons Laboratories-Week4Case - Simmons Laboratories Case...

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