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Team cohesiveness is important for any team, group or organization. When organizations are “on the same page” they are able to work more effectively and productively. If we were to analyze the effectiveness of a professional sports team, it would be evident that those that do the best are the ones that work well together. The most effective team is one that can communicate well, highlight and utilize the strengths of each member and work collectively to put their ideas together to complete the task at hand. The question really remains on how to work as a team or how to build cohesiveness in a team atmosphere? Two factors that play a role in the cohesiveness of a team is the connection between each other and their sense of being a family or friend as well as the shared need to get the job done. To build team cohesiveness based on either of the idea of family or the need to get the job done it is incredibly important for the team to find some common ground to work from. Maintaining communication that keeps both of these two ideas in mind is also a key element in
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