Values congruence DQ2 Week 1

Values congruence DQ2 Week 1 - So where is the line that...

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So where is the line that joins the two together? The values of the company and the values of the individual? Can one quantitatively depict this congruence? I don’t think that it is possible. In our chapter 2 power point we are introduced to the Schwartz values Inventory (SVI). Shalom Schwartz used the SVI along with a large number of individuals to try to identify values that he described were “guiding principles for one’s life”. He identified 10 “value types” that are useful in understanding values as well as understanding culture. The reason I mention this is because our values lead to our behavior in certain circumstances. This occurs when we are mindful of our values, have logical reasons to apply values in a particular situation and when the situation does not interfere. Values congruence is a concept in which two or more entities have similar value systems. It is important that a company and its employees have similar values so that they are “on the same page”. This will increase their productivity and employee-organization management
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