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In this situation I believe that the Alaskan Tire company should reward the team vs. the individuals because being a part of a successful team is a great motivating factor, team efficacy is usually greater than individual efficacy and a team may be able to tackle jobs together that an individual couldn’t do alone. Being a piece in a puzzle is a great feeling, but being a part of a team that can complete that puzzle in much faster time and with better results is the ideal group for any organization. A team that can work together on various projects and shows high versatility can be used in many different situations and rewarding that team can also show dividends for the company. Increasing the morale of the team by rewards or incentives is a great way to motivate them. Team efficacy is, I can say this personally, much higher than individual efficacy. I’ve personally seen many people fail individually but in various team settings the same individual can make the biggest difference. It is always easier to have two or more heads vs. one while
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